Accurately positioned to address both tactical and strategic requirements for all executive protection details
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Security and Protective Services.

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Executive Protection

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From motorcades to personal protection details

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Accurately positioned to address tactical as well as strategic solutions, confronting the law enforcement/special operations environment.

XMARK is comprised of former law enforcement professionals, consisting of FBI Agents, NYPD Detectives, and detectives from various other major U.S. city police departments.

Many members of our staff have been operators on personal protection details for the U.S. Attorney General, FBI Director, CENTCOM Commander Tommy Franks, high priority key government witnesses, and U.S. presidential candidate Donald Trump.

Most Xmark personnel have deployed around the world in support of U.S. military special operations units in both Iraq and Afghanistan.

XMARK personnel have been directly involved in some of the highest profile cases in FBI history, to include:

  • 1993, 2001 WTC terrorist attacks
  • The Ted Kazinsky UNIBOMBER Case
  • East Africa Embassy bombings in Tanzania and Kenya
  • Atlanta Olympic Bombing
  • USS Cole Bombing in Yemen
  • Eric Rudolph Abortion Clinic Bomber
  • Arrest of Somalia pirate Mohammad Shiben - wanted for facilitating the kidnap and murder aboard the SV Quest